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Sore Loser or Concerned Voter?

natural-disaster-videoI have many friends who are voting for Trump. Some have always been Trump supporters. Some only joined after it was obvious there was no other real alternative other than voting for a 3rd party candidate or writing in someone worthy of voting.

Some of my good friends have heard my full throated, vigorous, vociferous, and very loud protestations against Trump, even after he won what is essentially a media driven popularity contest. As I have discussed with them my reasons for openly, nakedly, brazenly, viscerally, hostile opposition to Trump, I have been accused of just being a “sore loser”. Indeed, I am as disappointed as I can possibly be that my nominee, who it should be said was not my first choice, but by no means my last, did not capture the nomination.

However, I have absolutely no illusions that my preferred candidate, Ted Cruz, will be the GOP presidential nominee, bright shinning star that he is. My opposition to Trump is far deeper than that, though. I won’t insult your intelligence and deny I still very much want Cruz as our nominee. I do. I can honestly say, though, if Ted Cruz had never entered the race, if he removed himself by not just suspending, but cancelling his campaign and releasing all his delegates, I would still reject Donald Trump as the party nominee.

Donald Trump’s personality, leadership, ethics, understanding of government and what it means to be a Constitutional Republic are completely wrong and antithetical to the office of President. He is a proven liar. He has misled, if not outright defrauded, thousands of people, many of whom are relatively poor seniors who have little to lose to begin with. His positions change on a daily, if not hourly, basis and no one can say for sure if even he knows what his actual beliefs and moorings are.

He has donated to every major Democrat running for office over at least the last 20 years and certainly longer. The positions he holds and exposes in frequent moments of candor belie his true political leanings which are anything but constitutionally based. He praises foreign leaders who kill their political opponents without so much as a fake trial or any sort of due process. He promises a southern border wall to people with hate in their hearts to secure their votes and he intends to defraud millions of Americans of their vote by making an absolute mockery of the process. He refuses to claim his campaign is deadly serious and refuses to declare his steadfast commitment to actually accepting the position of President-elect should he win in November.

He does not denounce the violent among his followers but has plenty to say about those who disagree with him. He uses violence and intimidation to gain leverage over his opponents and he welcomes hostilities in his presence.

In short, Mr. Trump is a real life train wreck waiting to happen and the palpable anger he has tapped into and stirs up is a recipe for civil war in this country. I do not oppose Mr. Trump for light and transient causes. I am NOT a sore loser, nor am I, as chief Trump surrogate mouthpiece hag Sarah Palin has suggested, a traitor to either my party or my country and I am most certainly not the interloper here. I have been a Republican for 32 years and I have always voted for the Republican nominee no matter how disastrous I believed their candidacy was. I was too often right on them, to be certain. However, none of them brought with them the violent hordes preaching mob rule by “will of the people”. Mr Trump, like his competitor, Hillary Clinton are anathema to everything I believe in and stand for.

I am a concerned voter and I love my country, my countrymen, and my political party with ALL of my heart and soul. I want my party to win because I believe the ideals my party promotes, individual liberty, respect for property rights, and rule of law are good for us all. I do not want my party to win for the sake of winning or for the sake of defeating another flawed candidate. I want my party to win because we are principled, devoted to our foundings and philosophies. If the only way we can win is for Donald Trump or someone similar to be our leader, then I prefer we lose for that is what we deserve.