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Tennes-see, Anyone?

DefenseFreeZoneThis is a jaw-dropping, mic-drop moment.  Gun-free zone owners will now be on the hook for harm or damage caused to a legal concealed firearms carrier who was forced to abandon their weapon, not by state law, but by a store/private property owner who decrees their property to be gun free.

The new law does not apply to government owned buildings, to the extent of my knowledge, nor does it make legislators who pen into law gun-free zones responsible, but hope springs eternal.  I gladly view this as one small step in the right direction.

I firmly believe private property owners are within their rights to declare their property to be gun-free.  I also believe any such owner has the responsibility to protect the patrons and others who are on their property.

This new law in TN will encourage desirable behavior.  It will encourage store owners and property owners to drop their “No guns allowed” postings and allow private persons to carry their concealed weapons in situations where they would otherwise be allowed to carry barring such signs.  It could also encourage private property owners who choose to keep such signeage up to carry higher liability coverage and/or enable their employees to arm themselves, thus discouraging would-be mass murderers to take unnecessary risks.

Believe it or not, mass-murderers have no or little desire to die themselves; not without killing others first anyway.  If it were otherwise, they would just be suiciders.

This new law coincides with another new law that will go into effect on July 1, 2016 which allows faculty and staff at college campuses to carry concealed, so long as they have their concealed carry permit and register with local police or the college administration.

We, here at firmly believe that:

An armed society is a polite society.

via Real Gun Sense: Tennessee Makes Proprietors of Gun-Free Zones Responsible For Injury While Disarmed — RedState